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ABOUT Sage Moon Box

Women are connected to the moon by our blood, our hormones, and our souls.

The moon:

  • regulates your menstrual cycle,
  • can trigger ovulation and fertile times,
  • affects your emotions and
  • affects the way you behave and even view the world.

The Sage Moon box was created to assist women with that "time of the month", providing them with a convenient monthly order of all natural organic cotton feminine products, a hand blended herbal tea and a calming blend of herbs and salts to soak and ease their mind, body and spirits.

Choosing organic for your personal care products means you are reducing your exposure to pesticide residues. Most feminine products use chlorine to bleach the cotton. Chlorine bleaching creates a by-product called dioxin which poses serious problems for the environment and has been linked to ill-health. Dioxin is a known carcinogen and will leave detectable residuals in any product that has been bleached with any type of chlorine bleach. In sanitary products, this type of bleaching unnecessarily exposes women to low levels of dioxins every time they use these products. Furthermore, it settles in the fat cells of humans and wildlife, and will stay there for the rest of our lives, building up cumulatively over time from birth, so increased exposure means increased risk.

How to brew your tea:

Take loose tea and fill half of tea ball infuser

close tea ball infuser

add the tea ball to cup of hot(not boiling) water

steep for 4-5 min

add honey to taste

sip. relax. repeat.

For relaxing bath spa:

add satchel while running bath water

relax and enjoy!

All products in the Sage Moon Box all natural ,organic, and chemical free.