Hands of Sage Welcome to the Tea Tribe


Q:Where do you get your teas from?

A:We take our tea ingredients seriously. Unlike most companies, we source all of our individual ingredients and then put together the recipes and blends all in house. This ensures the highest quality and the most creative, flavorful combinations. Almost all of the ingredients purchased for our teas are backed by USDA-compliant organic certifications. In cases where we work with a non-certified vendor, we are purchasing ingredients that are carefully wildcrafted, ingredients that are from a region of the world that does not have an organic certification program (such as parts of Japan or Taiwan), or from small family farms that cannot yet afford their certification or have not yet completed their certification. In all cases, we very carefully vet our products to ensure their are full of flavor, without any unwanted chemicals, artificial flavors, or genetically modified organisms. Thank you for trusting us to find the freshest, most delicious ingredients that are grown on sustainable, fair trade farms by companies we know, like, and trust.

Q:Are your loose leaf teas good on ice?

A: Whether you just like iced tea for the hot summer months, or if you drink iced tea year-round, our teas work just fine on ice. Of course, in the summer we take extra care in making the best iced loose leaf blends, but we have many iced tea lovers keeping their cool in our community.

Q:What is your cancellation/refund policy?

A:Hands of Sage teas are blended by hand and we only make enough of each batch to fulfill current demand.Due to the exacting and very personal nature of our specialty blends, we cannot offer refunds or exchanges on the tea that we sell nor can we offer refunds on consultations. We can always reschedule if needed up to 2 times.

Q:Do you do custom tea blends for parties, weddings, events, restaurants, hotels, etc.?

A: Yes, we’d love to – custom blends are our specialty and often the life of the parTEA. Depending on your needs, we can also arrange for private label or custom packaging. Consulting fees & minimum order amounts apply for custom blends.

Do all of your teas have sage in them?

None of our teas (at the moment) have sage in them. Hands of Sage is our name, and the “sage” refers to in classical philosophy, someone who has attained the wisdom which a philosopher seeks. With over 9 years of studying and using herbal blends we feel we have attained the wisdom and so you are in good hands :)